Wednesday, September 15, 2010

“Ralph” Asks, "Who Do We Believe?"

During the build up to the attack on Iraq, a nice gentleman I’ll call “Ralph” asked, “Why should I believe YOUR guys and not MY guys?!!”

Well, at the time, “Ralph” was red faced and I did not answer.

But I had spent many hours looking into the situation and wrote many letters on the subject, none of which was printed.

“Ralph’s” informants were all connected with corporations looking for welfare. Examples: Mrs. Cheney was on the board of Lockheed and her straight daughter and son-in-law were lobbyists for Lockheed. Mr. Cheney was a board member of Morgan Stanley and a past CEO of Halliburton. Bush and Major were big into the Carlyle Group. Raytheon, Fluor, and newcomers like Blackwater and other “contractors” were to profit greatly.

Corporate media continued the blackout on truth and repeated the lies for “Ralph” and others to eat up.

From the internet we got information from Karen Kwiatkowski, a Colonel in the Air Force intelligence at the Pentagon. She told us her boss, General Michael Hayden was only letting lies (from Curveball) advance up and no truth. She was risking her life and fortune. Edward Kennedy used her as a source when he voted against the war. Karen is a Libertarian and her writings can be found at NOTE: Hayden was promoted by Bush to head of the CIA. Obama promoted him again to Homeland Security head. I believe he is retired now but is still a douche bag. (He was asked by a reporter why he lied to Americans about being wired tapped, he answered that he needed to parse his words - MICHAEL HAYDEN IS A DOUCHE BAG!)

Trustworthy people from the Reagan administration include, Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during President Reagan's first term. He is a great writer and source of information.

Also from Reagan is David Stockman, Director of the Office of Management and Budget (1981–1985). He fell out of favor because he was against huge deficits. Robert Reich recently blamed Stockman on the Reagan scheme to spend the way out of the welfare system. But this was not Stockman’s idea, please see his book, The Triumph of Politics: Why the Reagan Revolution Failed. David can be trusted.

Under Ronald Reagan, Bruce Fein served as an associate deputy attorney general from 1981 to 1982. This lawyer can be seen on liberal news supporting liberty. Bruce is a good and honest man who has read the Constitution.

From the W. administration is Paul O’Neal - Paul Henry O'Neill (born December 4, 1935) served as the 72nd United States Secretary of the Treasury for part of President George W. Bush's first term. He resigned in December 2002 under pressure from the administration and became a harsh critic. Prior to his term as Secretary of the Treasury, O'Neill was chairman and CEO of Pittsburgh-based industrial giant Alcoa and chairman of the RAND Corporation. A great man – told the public Iraq had no WMD, and was against the W. Bush tax cuts.

In the land of newspapers, I’ll read several authors and commentators, but one of the best that I recommend is Eric Margolis. Eric wrote for the Toronto Sun and now writes for the Huffington Post. He has praised Ron Paul but puts down the Tea Party as Republican and fear sellers.

Another newspaperman and author is James Bovard. George Will has called James, a "one-man truth squad." A truthful and funny man.

Congressman Ron Paul and wrestler Glenn Jacobs (Kane) can be found at . They are truth tellers and worth the read.

Yes, I do have others I follow, but these can get you started. Main Stream Media (MSM) lacks truth tellers. Pat Buchanan and Glenn Beck are entertaining.

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