Thursday, November 19, 2009

Killer McChrystal

Here is a letter soon to be in the Terre Haute Tribune-Star. There needs to be more written on this slime ball. I tend to lighten my opinions for MSM. Here is the unedited letter:

Do we need to surge now into " Afghanistan - Graveyard of Empires" or do we need to leave?

Here is my investigation.

Let's look at adviser Stanley McChrystal. First, who is advising McChrystal? From "The New American" magazine issue for November 9, 2009 in the article, "More U.S. Troops Going to Afghanistan " we read, "...The quote was by the Institute for the Study of War's Kimberly Kagan, who has advised General Stanley McChrystal, the commander of forces in Afghanistan.

"That number, Kagan said, would help fill in gaps around Kandahar in the southern part of the country where Taliban forces have amassed. But she warned that, eventually, troops would also be needed to tamp down the insurgency in other parts of the country."

Kimberly married into the Kagan clan, Neocon PNACers (involved with the Project for a New American Century) who I would describe as crazy un-American warmongers.

So, McChrystal is a Neocon drone. He can be steered to kill innocent civilians.

Experience? In “ Afghanistan – Graveyard of Empires” McChrystal was head spook (spy) and is best know for the killing of Pat Tillman. In Mary Tillman’s book, “Boots on the Ground by Dusk” McChrystal lies to cover the fact that Pat was shot by “friendly” fire. Then on investigation we see that the same person that ordered boots on the ground by dusk and splitting the troops – two mistakes warned against by an underling, also did the second autopsy on Pat. Later information was that a different General gave the order.

So we see that at best McChrystal is a liar and is an idiot for having very bad subordinates. (and no demotions)

My conclusion is that a lying Neocon drone whose actions suggest at best he is an idiot (my personal opinion is not that high), must not be trusted to give a reliable opinion on anything.

It is time to leave “ Afghanistan – Graveyard of Empires”.

Printed in T-S 11/23/09

Friday, November 13, 2009

Pat Tillman

Wrote this letter to the editor. Not printed.

Pat Tillman died in 2004. But the research by his family is still important. Stanley McCrystal was involved in the Tillman death cover up. He lied to a Senate committee recently. He now wants a "surge" in Afghanistan sold as "like in Iraq " but that is another lie.

Now we realize that Obama is just "Black Cheney". (We are in two illegal occupations, rendition continues perhaps to put a final end to Gitmo, writing statements continue, the Patriot Act is supported, and the worst leftovers from Bush remain - Gates, Hayden, and Bush golden boy McCrystal. Black Cheney has his own terrible appointments that can be summarized as lobbyists and money schemer insiders.)

Pat’s birthday is November 6. We should remember Pat every November. We should reprint the letter written by his brother Kevin in 2006.