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Ron Paul 2008


We need Ron Paul,
For the long haul.
Cause he'll stop all the wars,
Where the bombs fall.
So it's Ron Paul,
We got to stand tall.
Every other politician made the wrong call.
Pass the long ball,
We need a long pause,
From the lies,
That's why we need Ron Paul.
We need truth like the border need a strong wall,
Ron Paul 2008.com y'all!


Hillary Clinton is big money pimpin',
With cash from the corporations going in sin,
Because she Bilderberg, CFR, Pro-War,
Planning on invading Iran,
We better run fast,
Lady Clinton want to manage a Police State,
Pan American,
She bring death like cheese steak.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


At the Vigo County convention of June 16, 2007 Kevin Ward was chosen as an at large candidate for the City Council. The Convention remains open for more candidates.

For easy access to news of Ron Paul, we have a link to "Libertarians for Ron Paul" and hope you will use this resource. Great for activists.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


This clip was banned by Republicans in Congress. All the more need to make it available.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Interview with Tucker

People are learning much from Ron Paul. Before the last debate one young lady (on NPR) seemed shocked to hear Ossama bin Laden was once a U.S. ally.

In the debate Ron was the only candidate against nuclear nuttiness. Pardon Scooter Libby? NO. I.D. card? NO. Yes for Ron Paul. Tucker realizes Paul is a great teacher. One Bush would say "Watch and Learn". Here is the Tucker Carlson interview from MSNBC.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ron Paul Hits It Out of the Park

This is an old picture from when Ron played on the Congress baseball team. But it tells the future as on June 5 CNN will broadcast the next Republican debate and history will repeat. Stay tuned.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Ron Paul Waterboards Hannity and Fox

Dr. Paul turned over 4000 people upside down and slapped their behinds. Now he intellectually waterboards the fools at FOX in this video of an after-debate interview. Well done.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Mr. Murphy was kind enough to question my rush to judgement concerning him and Mr. Laffer.
The section in question is this:
"One thing that made me uncomfortable was the correct knowledge that cutting taxes doesn't mean a drop in revenue to the State. With praise from Arthur B. Laffer, Murphy can easily be seen as endorsing the Laffer curve which absurdly suggests the optimal taxing point is the point that generates the most revenue. This is one position that makes Murphy appear to be pandering to Republicans."
Mr. Murphy corrected me with this, "I work for Arthur Laffer. He got really mad when I suggested that he thought the optimal tax point was the one that maximized revenues. He said a journalist invented that and he has never said it, and I've never seen him say it. All he did was make the point that cutting tax rates didn't necessarily make you lose revenue, especially in the long run. If that convinces big spenders to go along with tax cuts, he thought it was a great strategic point."
I believe this is important information we can all use and I hope Wikipedia is challenged in its definition and explanation.
A major concern I had in my writing was NOT to endorse deficit spending by government. The line of Hamiltonian Federalist - Whig - Republican did endorse debt to transfer money to the banking interests. Now that we have a 100% fiat currency, there is no, or less, restraint on spending. Mr. Murphy certainly did NOT endorse this Mercantilism, American System, or corporate welfare.
I may also owe Thomas DiLorenzo an apology as I probably slam people too hard for not coming down on the Rockefellers. (He expressed displeasure with my assumptions.) In the last hundred years that family has done much damage to the country. (Last night I was reading a very good book, Collusion, and it mentioned on page 82 how the University of Chicago put together Albert Wohlstetter and Chalabi. Wohlstetter introduced Chalabi to today's neocons. It looks to me like evil attracts evil.)
I certainly thank these impressive writers for their input.
Note: DiLorenzo and Murphy writings can be read at: www.lewrockwell.com

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The PIG for Capitalism

Robert P. Murphy, Ph.D. did a good job on what Ron Paul said was, "An invaluable introduction to free market economics." Lew Rockwell was quoted praising its truth.

Perhaps I can be quoted as praising the book for calling capitalism propertyism rather than letting commies define it.

But the book tries to cover too much. To stay within the parameters for the P.I.G., probably hundreds of pages hit the editing room floor and it shows. Mr. Murphy, a writer on Lew Rockwell, comes off as naive in this situation. He may well be naive.

One thing that made me uncomfortable was the correct knowledge that cutting taxes doesn't mean a drop in revenue to the State. With praise from Arthur B. Laffer, Murphy can easily be seen as endorsing the Laffer curve which absurdly suggests the optimal taxing point is the point that generates the most revenue. This is one position that makes Murphy appear to be pandering to Republicans.

The worst part of the book makes Rockefeller look like a great guy. Lew Rockwell writer DiLorenzo also heaps praise on what many consider "Robber Barons". I agree with the facts, but these "doctors" come off as naive. Rockefeller opened the University of Chicago which excused the Federal Reserve and had a professor fight for it. See: http://www.amazon.com/Creature-Jekyll-Island-Federal-Reserve/dp/0912986212
Milton Friedman became libertarian after he left Chicago for San Francisco. Lastly, Rockerfeller paid off trustees to admit a doctor guilty of fraud. His money could only buy so much. See: http://www.amazon.com/Inventing-AIDS-Virus-Peter-Duesberg/dp/0895263998/ref=sr_1_1/102-2631430-5920964?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1179426092&sr=1-1
What might be seen as an establishment book, an idiot's guide, http://www.amazon.com/Complete-Idiots-Guide-Federal-Reserve/dp/0028643232
is a good place to start and it does reference the Jekyll Island book above.
Perhaps Lew can have someone do a P.I.G. on the Federal Reserve. Hopefully the writer won't believe the crap Murphy believes when it comes to failures of the World Bank loans. What Ron Paul calls the "Inflation" Tax is a scheme to rob the working and bail out elites. Think fellows, why do American Workers bailout banks that loan to Mexico whose safety net is a map to the U.S.?
Maybe I did not care for the attack on Paul Craig Roberts. He is not so naive.
Another person I respect is Gene Epstein, author of Eonospinning: http://www.amazon.com/Econospinning-Between-Lines-Manipulate-Numbers/dp/0471735132
A P.I.G. on the Federal Reserve must be brought to the People by someone not naive.
A response by any listed will be printed as a post and all can comment.


Rudy - the baby killing, gun grabbing, Liberal Democrat supporting (Mario Cuomo), gay rights promoting transvestite - Ghouliani talks stupid in the debate and Paul answers here:

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pajama Poll

Pajama Poll is a fake and phoney. Last week I was trying to prove Mike Gravel votes were being counted as Dennis Kucinich votes. This week Mike Gravel is off the choices as well as Ron Paul even though the Republicans have 13 candidates listed, some not running yet.

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Riverbend link

The Riverbend link will remain for a while. I say this after reading in the Guardian that she will be leaving Baghdad. I believe things will get HOT there this summer.

Yahoo and ABC have been omitting Ron Paul

Monday, May 07, 2007


Here is a very good cartoon of what happened at the GOP debate at the Reagan Library. Interesting that the "TRUTH" is not out yet. The "Mainstream Media"has been deflecting TRUTH so far and I see "Special Interests" are not yet ready to strike a blow.
Maybe this year will be different.
Good luck Ron.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

New Information, Old Problems

George Tenet's new book contains many lies and some very interesting possible truths.
The most interesting truth is that papers were planted in Baghdad to make it look like Saddam had WMD. These poor forgeries did not fool the CIA (according to Tenet) and as far as I know this is the first revelation on this. It sure looks like the Shia puppets planted this for their American "Liberators."
Tenet wants both credit for being a good soldier and an A for effort when it came to getting and getting out facts. George will find out most believe his failures include keeping too quiet.
A counterpart from the Pentagon did her part as told here by Lawrence M. Ludlow from http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig5/ludlow3.html:
Karen Kwiatkowski, a retired USAF lieutenant colonel and information specialist posted in the Pentagon’s Near East South Asia (NESA) office, supplied strong corroboration. She provided the world with an insider’s view of how the Bush administration was able to create the facts that “supported” its predetermined policy to go to war. While posted at the NESA office in the spring of 2002, she personally witnessed the unholy creation of the Office of Special Plans (OSP), a project that was close to the hearts of Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.
A lifelong conservative, Kwiatkowski was appalled by the neoconservative agenda that was being constructed within the OSP. She watched as bona fide information specialists at the Pentagon were replaced by politically appointed information magicians in the OSP. The chief task of these magicians was to toe the White House party line, bury the objections of lifelong Pentagon professionals, twist the facts, and orchestrate the flow of information to build a case that supported the administration’s decision to launch a war. As her frustration mounted in the months before the invasion, she decided to tell the world the truth about what was happening inside the Pentagon; she wrote a series of anonymous dissenting newspaper “columns” that were posted on the Internet by recently deceased decorated Vietnam War veteran Col. David Hackworth. Finally, during the week of the invasion in March 2003, she left the military and went public with her columns – placing her name on her web postings and accepting speaking invitations.
Although the administration attempted to blame its decision to go to war on intelligence errors, the secret Downing Street memo and Kwiatkowski’s reports have exposed how these “errors” were created by the White House to obtain the desired results. Consequently, the House of Representatives published
Iraq on the Record: The Bush Administration’s Public Statements on Iraq. This report has received little attention, but it kept a running tab on the lies manufactured by the White House. A key paragraph reads as follows:
The Iraq on the Record database contains 237 misleading statements about the threat posed by Iraq that were made by President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary Rumsfeld, Secretary Powell, and National Security Advisor Rice. These statements were made in 125 separate appearances, consisting of 40 speeches, 26 press conferences and briefings, 53 interviews, 4 written statements, and 2 congressional testimonies. Most of the statements in the database were misleading because they expressed certainty where none existed or failed to acknowledge the doubts of intelligence officials. Ten of the statements were simply false.
The Downing Street memo also made it clear that the war planners gave no thought to the vast damage and upheaval that the invasion would create in Iraq and how it would be remedied. According to the memo, “There was little discussion in Washington of the aftermath after military action.” Is it possible that the lack of discussion about the aftermath of the war explains why Iraq has become a blood-soaked basket-case of a country and a recruitment center for terrorists as a result of the U.S. invasion? Meanwhile, how many Americans are concerned about the origins of the war as well as its long-term effects?
Voters had problems figuring out who were the heroes. The press is much to blame. Countercurrents has some good writers. See www.countercurrents.org.
Durbin Gives Edwards More To Apologize For is one of their good articles. Edwards and Fred Thompson knew about the intelligence Durbin more or less says is a "slam dunk" against the war they voted for.
Inform Americans of what is going on this time. Please.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

General Wayne Downing is a Traitor

This could be one conclusion you reach when you read Evelyn Pringle's latest submission to Countercurrents', How Iraq Was Looted . Once again we see the relatives of the elites profiting from the devastation of an illegal invasion.

Troops get in trouble for stealing and torture. Others get away with theft because the CPA (Coalition Provisional Authority) is not covered by U.S. law, so says an appealate judge.

Why Americans put up with a class of Gods that can do no wrong and the rest of us guilty upon charge, is something that may make our founders wake up to get sick.

Pass this excellent read on to friends.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Classified Ad: Wanted: Traitors - No Exp. Required

This is a must read. The Inexplicable Enrichment Of Bush Cronies by Evelyn Pringle, from the liberal Countercurrents News Letter.

Evelyn has done some fine writing in the past, but here she mentions some traitors for whom justice would demand a hanging. She goes easy on John Edwards but in slamming Republican profiteers, she includes a Clinton Defense Secretary, Cohen. I believe this arrogant traitor is married to a wealthy black woman. THIS DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT!

Here is a snipet on him:

"Former Republican Congressman and Secretary of Defense under President Clinton, William Cohen, sits at the helm of the Cohen Group, and according to a report by David Hilzenrath in the Washington Post on May 28, 2006, when he left office in January 2001, Cohen was saddled with debt and his final financial disclosure form, "listed tens of thousands of dollars of charge-account debts at interest rates as high as about 25 percent."

However, within a matter of weeks Cohen and his wife were residing in a $3.5 million mansion. It seems Cohen had wanted this house but was still in office and had no way to finance the purchase, so Frank Zarb, then chairman of the Nasdaq Stock Market, sold the house to Michael Ansari, chairman and CEO of defense contractor MIC Industries, in October 2000, and the Cohen took up residence in January or February of 2001, according to the Post.

From there, Cohen went on to join the board and audit committee of the Nasdaq Stock Market, and 11 days after he left office, MIC announced Cohen's appointment as chairman of its board of advisers in a press release.

In no time at all the Cohen Group was raking in mega-bucks. In applying for one contract, that earned the Group $490,000 over seven months, the firm bragged that it had helped Lockheed win a $3.6 billion contract for the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Poland, financed by the US government.

The Group's proposal said its efforts for the Lockheed deal included "advocacy with key decision-makers in the White House, Office of the Vice President, National Security Council, Department of Defense and the State Department during an 18-month campaign," according to the Post."

Here we see more of the Emporer's New Clothes, where the U.S. military is clad in nothing at great expense to the U.S. taxpayer and workers:

"On thing is certain, Lockheed was not lacking for administration insiders when Allbaugh came knocking. For instance, before Cheney took over as VP, his wife, Lynne served on the board of Lockheed, receiving deferred compensation to the tune of half a million dollars in stock and fees, according to a January 16, 2007 report by Richard Cummings.
Cummings notes that Cheney's "2004 financial disclosure statement lists Lockheed stock options and $50,000 in Lockheed stock."

In addition, Cheney's son-in-law, Philip Perry, Cummings says, was appointed to serve as general counsel to the Department of Homeland Security, and he had been a registered lobbyist for Lockheed who had worked for a law firm representing Lockheed with the Department of Homeland Security.

According to Cummings, less than a month after 9/11, in October of 2001, the Pentagon announced a $20 billion contract for Lockheed for the development of the Joint Strike Fighter, called the F-35. At the time, Edward Aldridge was Undersecretary of Defense for acquisitions, technology and logistics, which was responsible for the approval of the contract. Aldridge left his government post in 2003, and he now just happens to serve on Lockheed's board of directors.

However, the most stunning revelation in the Cummings report, is that in November 2002, Stephen Hadley, deputy national security advisor at the time, called Lockheed employee, Bruce Jackson, to a meeting at the White House and told him that the US was definitely going to war in Iraq but there was one small hitch, the administration could not decide what reason to use to justify it.

So Jackson formed the "Committee for the Liberation of Iraq," and its mission statement said it was "formed to promote regional peace, political freedom and international security by replacing the Saddam Hussein regime with a democratic government that respects the rights of the Iraqi people and ceases to threaten the community of nations."

According to Cummings, the "pressure group began pushing for regime change - that is, military action to remove Hussein - in the usual Washington ways, lobbying members of congress, working with the media and throwing money around.""

You may be familiar with these players from previous posts. They also make an invisible set of clothing for the banking corporations, paid for, once again, by the "cool" American taxpayer. The Right cries "we need these F-35s and Blackhawk helicopers for our troops!" and the Left deals with the devil for "education and food for the children" while freedom and individual liberty vanish from the North American continent.

You can find your libery with your money - in the pockets of your elected and chosen Masters.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Property Rights Are Needed Everywhere

Left wing peace activist Uri Avnery writes unlike the crazy right wing Jews and Christians who spout the neocon line. Uri, a Jew, wrote an article, Without Borders, which tells a different story than what we are fed from the corporate media.

Uri tells us where we get our information about the "scary" things in Arab children's textbooks:

"The ammunition is always provided by one of the "professional" institutions that deal with this matter. These are foundations of the far-right, disguised as "scientific" bodies, which are lavishly funded by Jewish-American multi-millionaires. Teams of salaried employees apply a fine-tooth comb to every word of the Arab media and schoolbooks, with a pre-ordained objective: to prove that they are anti-Semitic, preach hatred of Israel and call for the killing of Jews. In the sea of words, it is not too difficult to find suitable quotes, while ignoring everything else.
So now it is again perfectly clear: Palestinian schoolbooks preach hatred of Israel! They are breeding a new generation of terrorists! Therefore, of course, there can be no question of Israel and the world ending the blockade on the Palestinian Authority!"

Uri has something to say about the Israel-Jew indoctrination:

"When he comes out of the pedagogic mill, the Jewish-Israeli pupil "knows" that the Arabs are a primitive people with a murderous religion and a miserable culture. He brings this view with him when he (or she) joins the army a few weeks later. There, it is reinforced almost automatically. The daily humiliation of old people and women - not to mention everybody else - at the checkpoints would not be possible otherwise."

Uri is writing about borders and the Green Line; but having been a terrorist (for the Jews), he understands where the Palestinians come from. He does not succumb to the brainwashing.

Drawing lines is not a libertarian thing to do. But libertarians part ways with themselves when it comes to drawing lines at borders. Most Libertarians believe in drawing lines protecting property rights and this includes borders and lines between countries. It is this basic property right that Uri is acknowledging, whether he knows it or not.

And it bears repeating, the corporate media in the United States does not recognize or defend property rights unless it is the rights of the wealthy and corporations. (And corporations do not have rights.) The corporate media whores are getting worse when it comes to repeating lies and propaganda.

The decentralization of news will be welcome if civilization (and I use that word loosely) can exist that long.


Monday, March 12, 2007

More questions about Rumsfeld

Given that this guy already made $1 million on the bird flu scam, which is to be continued, a look into his past and the scams of those companies needs to be examined.

Brought to my attention from Keven Trudeau's second book, More Natural Cures:

January 1981-- Donald Rumsfeld, CEO of Searle, states in a sales meeting that he is going to make a big push to get aspartame approved within the year. Rumsfeld says he will use his political pull in Washington, rather than scientific means, to make sure it gets approved.

January 21, 1981-- Ronald Reagan is sworn in as President of the United States. Reagan's transition team, which includes Donald Rumsfeld, CEO of G. D. Searle, hand picks Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes Jr. to be the new FDA Commissioner.

March, 1981-- An FDA commissioner's panel is established to review issues raised by the Public Board of Inquiry.

from this site: http://www.rense.com/general33/legal.htm

Politics has entered the world of science and all studies need to be examined. Acid rain, global warming, AIDS, HPV, Ritalin, and chemotherapy are some of the national and international scams. State and local governments promote their scams with the same formula:


Taxpayer beware.


Monday, March 05, 2007

Libertarian Platform for City Elections

With the primaries looking at us for 2007 city elections, the Terre Haute Libertarians are developing a platform.

1. No Extra-constitutional government - This means no communist buying of buildings like a previous government did with Center City. Also no fascist government with resources going from the poor and working classes to the large corporations. As mentioned below, Hayek noticed that whether communist or fascist, the result is an anti-moral government that makes leaders behave badly. Plainly, this means no special bonds or tax abatements handed out as corporate welfare. Bids will be open to the public.

2. Protection of property rights - The reason for government is to protect rights, personal and property rights included. Libertarians will respect eminent domain, the blighting of property and other tricks to steal property for the special class, and an end to fines for so-called offenses like grass being too high.

3. Transparent Government - "The People" must know what the government is doing to be able to petition it and bid on projects. To aid citizens, we plan to televise City Council meetings. (and paid for by taxes!)

4. Minimum wage or payroll relief - For the poor and small businesses we are looking at a minimum wage for the city and county. This may end with the more libertarian payroll relief rather than a minimum wage hike (socialism?) which might put the city and county too dependent on the State and Federal governments for relief if for some reason small business is chased away. Your opinions are welcome here.

5. Healthcare for a fraction of current costs - In Greeneville, TN, my brother can visit Dr. Berry. With no third party pay, costs will be much less for the uninsured and those with high deductibles and co-pays. Pass on this site which has much valuable information on it including how to start up, to any doctors you think might be interested.


The employees of the city of Terre Haute will be a good starting point to the healthcare of the future. This is an assist to a free market in healthcare, giving higher quality at lower prices.

We hope to bring responsible government to Terre Haute which cannot be accomplished without the help of informed and involved citizens.

In 2008, county libertarians will be running on a similar platform including $100/day jury pay. This may be raised to $200/day pay with the hope of getting poor and wealthy to work together for the good of the county, developing mutual respect.

Respond here in comments or to my email - edgluck2@yahoo.com.



Friday, February 23, 2007

JebWorld: Coming to a State Near You

This is from the book The Good Citizen's Alphabet by Bertrand Russell, with illustrations by Franciszka Themerson. (Written in 1970) L is for LIBERTY in this picture.

I took it through a link provided by Chris Floyd in his very good article Bearing False Witness: A New Tool for Authoritarians.
In this article Floyd explains that Florida has a bill, where if it is passed, police will be able to tamper with evidence (by rewriting history) and he calls it JebWorld. Jeb may not be Governor, but this is not a good sign.
Now before you think JebWorld is Rational and Liberty means the right to obey the police, please realize the definitions are meant as a joke.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ron's 35 Questions

In 2002 Ron Paul asked 35 questions that should be answered before the U.S. went into Iraq. Anyone thinking about invading Iran should read these.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Dick Cheney Board Member

After my blog showed up on a search for Cheney and their board memberships, I searched for other sources. Here is one:


He was on Stanley Morgan in 1995.

From site:

MORGAN STANLEY GROUP INC /DE/DEF 14A filed on 4/26/95Dick CheneyMr. Cheney, age 54, has been a senior fellow of the American Enterprise Institute, a public policy research organization, since January 1993. He served as Secretary of Defense of the United States from March 1989 to January 1993 and as a member of the United States House of Representatives from January 1979 to March 1989. Mr. Cheney is also a director of IGI, Inc., The Proctor & Gamble Company, Union Pacific Corporation, and U.S. West, Inc. Mr. Cheney has been a director of the Company since June 1993.The other nominees for election as directors and a brief biography of each nominee are listedbelow. There are no family relationships among any directors, executive officers or nominees.

Not in there is that he quit the Board of Perot's EDS in 2000 to run for VP.

This information will help in drawing conclusions and making hypothesises.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Rule Of Law

I have been mentioning "The Rule of Law." Others talk about the rule of law in Iraq but mean a police state.

What should it mean?

It means government limited by constitution. It means a separation of powers in the State. And it means everyone is treated the same according to a law that is written. This law should protect us from force and fraud.

Ron Paul says in his latest writing, Political Power and the Rule of Law:

Our constitutional system, by contrast, was designed to restrain political power and place limits on the size and scope of government. It is this system, the rule of law, which we should celebrate – not political victories.

Thank you Ron for running for President.

Monday, February 05, 2007

What is Unspoken in "Unspeak"

A little book I figured to rifle through looking for secrets of the enemy turned out to be a great libertarian read. Yes, Unspeak by the Englishman living in Paris, Steven Poole, says what cannot be said by an American or he would have to have his blog registered for sure.
One delightful bit of information is how the U.S. denies using napalm even though we see the melted skin of Iraqis. Napalm is banned internationally. But the U.S. substituted kerosene for petrol, calls this 'Mark 77 firebombs' (quotes are in Steven's English style) and the U.S. is not criminal. Troops still call it napalm.
You may have noticed how libertarian writers use the words mercantilism, "internal improvements" and "American System" followed by corporate welfare. Mr. Poole writes about the word corporate: (I put it in red.)
Most radical of all the attempts by business to insinuate itself into pre-existing civil vocabularies was the borrowing of the term 'corporation'. It originally meant a political grouping of people united along local-government, religious, or other lines. Its first use in a commercial sense came in the US, noted by Charles Dickens in 1842. The word literally means embodiment. By the process of 'incorporation', the company becomes flesh, and is understood in law to be a person. Conversely, the rhetorical attitude of corporations to their workers took a dehumanising turn: remember how the phrase 'human resources' implies that people are undifferentiable assets that can be used up and replaced. Thus, by means of Unspeak, businesses became people, and people became fungible matter.
I won't go into 14th Amendment arguments here.
In the interesting arguments that Paine produced with his Rights of Man came the libertarian definition of crime that the late Johnnie Sancedio loved so much, and Poole explains it contrasting it with what is to be taken in Iraq for freedom:
... This contrasts with the classical liberal view of freedom as one thing, hedged around by law but homogeneous, in terms both of the set of 'rights' it affords individuals, and the relationship of each individual to everyone else, so that unjustly to curtail one person's freedom is an insult to all. The growth of civil rights - or, if you prefer, the march of freedom - thus consists not in adding extra discrete freedoms to those we already have, but in approaching ever more closely to the ideal of this one big freedom, defined by Thomas Paine simply as 'the power of doing whatever does not injure another.'
Now I purposely reference a FOX News guy, Judge Andrew Napolitano below, to explain how Natural Law's "Rule of Law" is slipping away in the U.S. to a positivist horror.
This is because, from a book which has too much TRUTH - YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! - I would like to quote a silly phrase from a FOX guy.
...which, as you will remember, hosts Bill O'Reilly's denunciations of civil libertarians as 'terrorists', refuses to call US Marines snipers because it sounds too violent,...
I here want to focus on old Bill calling civil libertarians terrorists. What if a civil libertarian said, "kill Bill"? Then he would not be a civil libertarian. By definition a civil libertarian cannot be a terrorist and a terrorist cannot be a civil libertarian. Now if terrorist meant freedom fighter....
One last shot by me. Madison by Garry Wills is a terrible book. But it does show how Neocons are using circular arguments. He uses encroachments on freedom by Wilson and FDR, popular yet oh so evil, to make the excesses of the Alien and Sedition Acts look okay. Now we see Cheney and Rumsfeld speaking of the beloved Lincoln, evil incarnate (how about evil incorporated), saying if old Abe could be a tyrant, why not our beloved W.
If you can handle more humor, this guy mocks Madison for calling for Hamilton's impeachment. He does this without mentioning the cause. (The cause was Hamilton stealing money appropriated for one thing and spending it on another.) Only read this book if you are very well read on Madison.
Turn to Unspeak. It should be hated by Ds and Rs. (It got a so-so to poor review by Labour.)

Friday, February 02, 2007

Karen Kwiatkowski Gets It

Yes, Karen in her article today has a link to the Mises video and notes how the Federal Reserve is stealing money from the owners of the country.
No shit on this: Karen mentions the $2 trillion going into Iraq. When I mentioned this to my pal Scott before the "war" he said, "That's a lot of money."
That is a lot of money. If you did not catch that we will be staying in Iraq until Stanley-Morgan says we can go - they control the eight largest banks in Iraq - (See the letter below) - you can read a great article in Playboy here. It tells that Cheney was not only on the board of Halliburton, but he was on the board of Stanley-Morgan. Wife Lynn was on the board of Lockheed and daughter Liz (the straight one) and her hubby are lobbyists for Lockheed. A great story. (Although Scott may believe none of it.)
Something else you may not believe is a story coming out about the Najaf Battle. Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani has been portrayed by the western (American) press as a great man. He is a nutty Shiite. According to this story, the battle was to kill a "growing Shia-Sunni unity in the area."
From the article:
Many southern Shia Arabs do not follow Iranian-born cleric Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. They believe the religious leadership should be kept in the hands of Arab clerics. Al-Hatami and al-Khazaali are two major tribes that do not follow Sistani.
Tribal members from both believe the attack was launched by the central government of Baghdad to stifle growing Shia-Sunni unity in the area.
This story is believable because the muppet (yes the U.S. government has its hand up their ass) government of Iraq wants the destruction of anything civil in the country. I believe this will eventually include the Kurds, who the U.S. not only protects but is counting on.
Well, believe this story or not, how long before the government of exiles breaks up? (Eleven of the twelve "leaders" were not in Iraq before the war - and the U.S. government neocons love Chalabi an embezzler and Iyad Alawi a child killing terrorist.) I figure about six months. Expect something after the fourth of July. Yet we are already recycling the evil ones because we don't have willing leaders like we did in Nam where we killed about seven leaders. Let's give the Neocons credit on this one, Iraq and Vietnam are different!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Another Video

The Monopoly Men is a video that adds more information to what most of us already know. My good friend Scott seemed to think I was kidding or was misled about the federal reserve.

Yes, even when we have a midnight Congress voting on things they dare not in the light of day. Keeping open the vote - until arms are twisted to help sell out our country. Yes, even a very intelligent person like Scott is buying the crap of our so-called leaders. (And he is paying a great price.)

This video suggests that War Of The Worlds was a test of mind control. With a government testing air flow for viruses in our subways and killing the problems, this is very plausible.

Scott is not really naive. That's his soul riding that ostrich - too busy to see the protest of the staged "depression" of the 1930s.

Is this all true? I do not know about the specifics of this particular video. But the main facts are true and the mention of C.A. warms my heart.

If you haven't seen Aaron Russo's movie Freedom to Fascism, I ask you to watch. (It is less than 2 hours.)

Spread this information around. This is the education Jefferson said was needed for a democracy (or republic) to exist.

And Scott, time to wake up and find out what is really going on.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Ron Paul for President

Republicans have John McCain a front runner for President whose mind seems more battered than his body. Liberal Rudy Guiliani talks like brain matter sloshing around in his head is spilling out. Chuck Hagel seems to talk like a populist but he also votes like a big government, corporate whore. Tom Coburn was impressive as a Congressman, but since moving to the Senate Tom has supported "stay the course" in Iraq and in September 2006 had nothing but praise for Defense Secretary Rumsfeld. Lying down with dogs has given Dr. Coburn fleas. Am I the only person who expects these guys to earn their pay?
Meanwhile, the Democrats have nothing but jokes running for the highest office in the land. Hillary and Obama seem to be the tops, but Senators haven't won that spot since JFK; just ask President (JFK) Kerry. And the big commentary here should be how terrible Illinois candidates have been. Obama beat a very nutty Alan Keyes, and before Durbin? was Carol Moseley Braun.
I have been watching Dr. Ron Paul since his run for President in 1988. I voted for him that year. As he has been writing his position papers since I talked with him, and his presentation has improved.
Lies about Congressman Paul are spread by Democrats and Republicans. He is a grassroots candidate in that his support more and more is from individuals around the country (over 96% in 06). I am very impressed that his supporters don't need "Talking Points."
He is the only man for the poor and working class and opposes monopolies. I do not know all his positions, but I assure you they are well thought out. I have seen him on many videos and he is often mentioned in articles by those who support freedom.
The praise I've been seeing in the last few days is tremendous. (Not by the corporate press, but by those who are in the know.) Here a blogger includes Aaron Russo's endorsement and has a link to Aaron's movie, a must see:
Steven Yates at www.newswithviews.com has an article on Ron's exploration.
Tommy Thompson and Ms. Rice may have the support of Gods, but Ron Paul represents "The People" and "The Peoples Article" (Bill of Rights) and 2008 may just be the election where The People flex their muscles.
Once a week Ron gives a toll free short comment (changes by Monday) at:
Feel free to listen to his message and comment here.

Friday, January 12, 2007

The Road to Serfdom by F.A. Hayek

A bit too advanced for many, I will give a brief summary (synopsis) of each chapter.
Hayek examines how Germany devolved from believing in the liberty Mills wrote about in On Liberty to the sick fascist state of 1944. In so doing, he uncovers some disappointing truths that apply to politics and governments. That these horrors must have some connection to being human is a weight that presses uncomfortably on the modern soul.
This will let you reference a Nobel Prize winner who may have the same opinions as yourself. Coming of age before the Thatcher era, Hayek was influential in rolling back the socialist excesses of the British. Let's hope we can vote out the socialism that led Germany to its perversion. Or is it too late?

1 The Abandoned Road
Free enterprise did not fail, it wasn't tried. In attempts at a greater good, man has worsened his condition; Germany, Russia, Italy, and now England are examples.
This quote, "The attitude of the liberal (read that libertarian today) toward society is like that of a gardener who tends a plant and, in order to create the conditions most favorable to its growth, must know as much as possible about its structure and the way it functions." helps lead me to believe libertarians believe in all government minus failed government.
Hayek points out that for 200 years the freedom of England was spread around the world. Then 1870 to 1944 socialism spread from the East and it was perfected in England. British and American capitalism and freedom became uncool.
2 The Great Utopia
The attempt at making life heavenly through government has created hell instead.
Socialism was to be the equal distribution of wealth but it becomes Stalinism and some consider it worse than fascism. Hayek refutes that communism and fascism are opposites. They are brothers. Brothers of tyranny.
3 Individualism and Collectivism
The good intentions of socialist planning lead to tyrannical governance. Planning becomes central as opposed to laissez faire. This can also be contrasted with the libertarian little platoons where the individual is more important than the collective.
"Atomistic" competition with private property is contrasted with central direction and controlled monopolies. The idea of a middle ground (third way) is just a dream. (Havel wrote on this.)
Hayek quote - "Although competition can bear some admixture of regulation, it cannot be combined with planning to any extent we like without ceasing to operate as an effective guide to production. ...Or, to express it differently, planning and competition can be combined only by planning for competition but not by planning against competition."
The argument of this book is to remember it is against "the planning against competition - the planning which is to be substituted for competition." Today we see a real problem with oil. The monopoly plays with regulations and prices. (Perhaps prices are historically low, but compare it with cars or computers.)
4 The "Inevitability" of Planning
An interesting observation here is that Hayek does not believe in "economy of scale." Nor does he believe that economies of size necessitate a monopoly. What looks to be economy of scale is just an agreement for monopoly as opposed to competition. Screw the planning as it will fail and go with competition for the best results of low price, quality, and availability.
5 Planning and Democracy
The state cannot plan well for the individual. Common goals are not often the same ultimate goals. This is especially true of economic concerns. Socialism is only considered during economic chaos like the hyperinflation of Germany before Hitler.
Liberty is the ultimate end and the means of democracy should be used to achieve liberty.
Planning leads to dictatorship because it is effective at its goal by using suppression of freedom.
6 Planning and the Rule of Law
Governments are limited by the Rule of Law, no ex post facto laws and rich and poor must be treated the same. You can read about Rule by Law but Hayek claims the opposite of Rule of Law is Rule of Status. Advantage goes to the wealthy. Equal execution is more important than the content of the rule.
Central Europe proves that bad governments can detour around rights.
7 Economic Control and Totalitarianism
People hate political dictators but often want an economic dictator. Hayek concludes as the Hilaire Belloc quote, "The control of the production of wealth is the control of life itself."
Planning is no longer considered as productive as the free market but is considered a "more just and equitable distribution of wealth." Socialist offer freedom from economic care but in that they take the power of choice so real freedom is given up to the planners.
8 Who, Whom?
Once the planners take a little control it snowballs until they have full control. At a certain "tipping point" the "rulers" start controlling everything and everyone.
It was not Fascists but socialists who took children at young ages for indoctrination. Same with sports, games, and clubs. Distinguishing greetings and forms of address as well as organizing into "cells" for supervision of private life was all socialist. Uniforms and military party formation were started by socialists.
9 Security and Freedom
Although this chapter ends with the famous Franklin quote, it is out of context. Hayek is speaking of economic security and admits that, "...there can be no doubt that some minimum of food, shelter, and clothing, sufficient to preserve health and the capacity to work, can be assured to everybody." Beyond this "safety net" freedom is sacrificed when a minimum level of income is assured.
When the "planners" regulate activity and people are taught to command for government rather than make filthy profits, the poor are especially hurt and placed at a disadvantage.
10 Why the Worst Get on Top
Hayek gives three reasons:
1) Educated and intelligent have varied views and tastes. Lower moral and intellectual standards find a high degree of uniformity. A dictator will increase these numbers by converting others to his creed.
2) The docile and gullible will support the dictator. A ready-made system can be "drummed into" supporters.
and 3) Negatives of hate the enemy or envy those better off are used to bring unreserved allegiance of huge masses.
Minimize the power of man over man by decentralization. Separation of economic and political aims also gives individual freedom. Power in the individual cannot be complete power. Centralized power looks exactly like slavery.
A useful assistant in the totalitarian state must be prepared to break every moral rule he has known, must commit to the leader, have no ideals or ideas of right and wrong. "The only tastes which are satisfied are the taste for power as such and the pleasure of being obeyed and of being part of a well-functioning and immensely powerful machine to which everything else must give way."
Hayek continues, "...the readiness to do bad things becomes a path to promotion and power."
11 The End of Truth
Truth in politics and science must be collective in a totalitarian society. Only the individual can guide the growth of reason.
12 The Socialist Roots of Naziism
Hayek names some socialist philosophers from around the world other than Germany. Unlike Liberalism (libertarianism),and Democracy derived from individualism and limited government, the individual under socialism is the product of autocracy and militarism.
Begun in 1914, Germany's socialism fought against liberalism after the war. It was a fight against the "enemy" which united socialists and conservatives. Starting with the German Youth Movement, this philosophy spread to intellectuals by the late 20s. "Conservative Socialism" or "Religious Socialism" led to "National socialism."
Hayek was concerned (in 1944) that "conservative socialism" was becoming popular.
13 The Totalitarians in Our Midst
The Nazi horrors may make us overconfident that we could never do that. Yet we have socialists saying the same things Germans did in the 20s and don't see where these thoughts lead.
Monopolies are accepted by people who benefit from them and the rest stay silent. In fact, Britain's Labour party in favor of a planned society is leading the country down the wrong road.
14 Material Conditions and Ideal Ends
Maybe exceptions can be made in time of war but a planned system with destruction of wheat and coffee, the over control of patents, allows the idealist to destroy freedom and ultimately bring down the country.
Collectivism's destruction has been "both inevitable and undeniable." Restraints on selfishness we learn as individuals is unleashed when we become part of a collective. This collective is antimoral as the tolerant and independent individual is sacrificed.
15 The Prospects of International Order
A world federation will not work. Wealthy countries using machines will give dollars per man-hour an advantage over poorer nations. Countries with no "Rule of Law" will be disadvantaged. The "League of Nations" did not work so another federation is not likely to be of much benefit. But we should work against war independently.
16 Conclusion
Hayek explains this book was meant to tell of past mistakes and tell how to escape the troublesome path we appear to be traveling. (The Road to Serfdom) His last sentence is, "The guiding principle that a policy of freedom for the individual is the only truly progressive policy remains as true today as it was in the nineteenth century."

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Charles Lindbergh Senior - "Why Is Your Country At War?"


"Why Is Your Country At War?" by Charles A. Lindbergh senior written in 1917. (published in July) It was banned (copies burned and the plates destroyed) and the pocket sized version I read was falling apart. On line here lacking the picture of his beautiful daughter and granddaughter.

An article from "American Opinion" (now "THE NEW AMERICAN" from the John Birch Society) gives their very similar view here.

I was impressed with C.A.'s (He was called C. A. and that is what I will use from now on to refer to senior.) quotes and will use them to aid my explanation.

A book you can get through inter-library loan is C.A.'s 1913 book, "Banking Currency and The Money Trust", 318 pages. It explains the Federal Reserve Act and the troubles it will bring. The 1917 book, "Why Is Your Country At War?" follows up on the Fed Reserve scam and shows war profiteering by quoting profits of record. (something like today's http://www.halliburtonwatch.org/)

C.A. wanted a book to tell the average voter what was going on in simple language. Perhaps not so simple to today's readers, but worth knowing about none the less because we see the same things happening today.


On page 70 he mentions we are working more hours for less.

Page 82 - C.A. quotes a Lincoln letter to Mr. Elkins of Illinois. He seems to have helped in making Lincoln a hero (is C.A. naive or political?) whose transformation into a God amazed H.L Mencken. Quote: " ...As a result of the war corporations have been enthroned, and an era of corruption in high places will follow and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before in the midst of the war."

Quote from the Hazard Circular - a letter from an agent of the English money loaners:
"Slavery is likely to be abolished by the war power and all chattel slavery abolished. This I and my European friends are in favor of, for slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care of the laborers, while the European plan led by England, is that capital shall control labor and wages."
Employers will not have to pay for sickness or retirement.

Page 83 has a less "naive" C.A. quoting Jefferson on banking institutions being more dangerous than standing armies. This may be a slight misquote substituting "institutions" for "establishments" and a letter to John Tyler perhaps should be John Taylor, in a letter of May 28, 1816.
(dictionary of American quotes 1997: "Banking establishments are more danerous than standing armies" to John Taylor May 28,1816)

In a Jefferson letter to Monroe we have:
"We are completely saddled and bridled, and the bank is so firmly mounted on us that we must go where they ill guide."

From Jefferson writings:
"All eyes are opening to the rights of man. The general spread of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred ready to ride them legitimately by the grace of god."

C.A. gives us the Ruskin quote Americans should hear everyday the U.S. carries debt:
"National debts paying interest are simply the purchase of the rich of the power to tax the poor."

Starting in Chapter IV we see that there are EXPLOITERS taking from toilers who do the work of the country. He gets his statistics from a Wisconsin professor:
50 years previous - 98% owned greater than 95% of wealth
Now (1917) - 2% owned greater than 60% of wealth

We see a similar trend in this century. In a very practical book everyone should read, Your Bank is Ripping You Off, 1997, the author mentions the Federal Reserve Act and then mentions that the banking industry employs 2% of the population yet they own 31% of the nations wealth. (This author may also explain better than C.A. that the Fed's prime rate is theft from the borrower to the super rich. Of course every one gets burned when a country falls into debt and this scheme just adds to that humiliation. Debt to foreign nations saps credit to Americans.) This author also mentions the Glass-Steagall Act which came from an investigation of the Crash of 1929 and it stopped banks from corporate underwriting. Now Paul Volcker and Alan Greenspan want more "freedom." This author correctly has the fortitude to disagree with these highly respected men.

On a world basis we are seeing that 2% owns half the wealth and what is different in this study is that if you have more debt than assets this gives zero wealth.

In a good book by a communist leaning fellow, James W. Loewen writes in Lies My Teacher Told Me, 2005, 1% own almost 40% of the wealth.

C.A. wasn't afraid to say we were tricked into war and wanted people to join the Non-Partisan Organization (League) to vote for economic reform (against the Federal Reserve) and against war.

He warned the Big Business owned press will call you a radical and obstructionist if you tell the truth.

He wrote neither of these parties which were, "...led and manipulated by an 'invisible government' is fit to manage the destinies of a great people...."

Called for bankers to be off the banking committee, predicted foreign loans would put the U.S. into the foreign war, and said special interests funded both parties.

C.A. mentions the "trick" they use to stay in power. By giving small amounts of stocks, bonds, and other interests to get small holders to vote for special priviledge the theft continues.

Patriotism is also used as a trick. C.A. writes, "Patriotism is worth nothng to the special interests except when it supports its system."

C.A. wrote don't be fooled, you must support "a true reform of our economic system."


Put transportation, mail, telephone and all natural monopolies under government control. (Not very libertarian)

Less military (war is unpatriotic) and more education - KNOWLEDGE is the key.

VOTE - or all the wealth will go to corporations. (We may be seeing this with another controlled depression that will sap the wealth of many Americans.)

ECONOMIC REFORM TO END WARS - (Kill the Fed. The wealthy may know all these facts. Author Gore Vidal, of the Kennedy clan, and their compound in Florida, outs the elites in Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace. (Insight from an insider?)

From C.A.: "Mankind is not reformed by punishment, and very seldom by force...." With a just economic system we can, "conquer the world and win the respect of all mankind."

He wanted, "...an equal opportunity for all and special privilege to none."

Greatest victory would be to get out of that system - meaning to stop the exploiters' stealing from consumers.


C.A. is saying, VOTE to make CHANGE which would be ECONOMIC REFORMS - END THE FEDERAL RESERVE which would stop the stealing by the elites and end unnecessary WAR.

Aside from these benefits, the respect of other nations is also needed today.

We still have UNDERLINGS doing the work of EXPLOITERS who benefit from the sweat of the TOILERS. Only the names have changed.


Site with Lindbergh book:

John Birch view:

More of the Hazard Circular in this article:

Your Bank Is Ripping You Off:

2% Owns half the Wealth:

Lies My Teacher Told Me

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