Monday, July 31, 2006

School Board Elections

Filing deadline to run for School Board is August 25 at noon.

If no money is collected (or a low amount) you only have to file your candidate committee and no CFA-4. This pays only $3000 per year but you will see opponents spending thousands. This is a way to get your feet wet in running for office. School board candidates run as independents.


One of three seats from Harrison Township is up.

Held by Guille Cox 2002 - 2006


One seat from Fayette Township or Sugar Creek Township.

Held by Joseph Minnis, Jr. 2002 -2006


One seat from Lost Creek, Riley, or Pierson Township.

Held by Gene Shike 2002 - 2006


One board member from Honey Creek, Linton, Prairieton, or Prairie Creek Township.

Michael H. Tom 2002 -2006

County Clerk can tell you who has filed and has the needed forms.

How about candidates for the voucher system?

Even one candidate wanting to do away with "text" books would seem revolutionary.

New Treasurer/Secretary for Vigo County LP

Latest news from lpvc:

Robert E. Hamiliton has been appointed Treasurer/Secretary of the Vigo County Libertarian Party. Robert is a past Chairman of the Vigo County LP, resurecting it in 1999. He was chairman until the lpvc was affiliated in March 2000.

Welcome back Robert!