Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Common Sense 2006

Here we see the "traditional" view of single line left/right orientation. Commentators and candidates believe moving to the center of this line will get the most votes. This may be correct to some extent, but this is a bad representation of where people stand. This misrepresentation is moving the United States into dangerous territory.

I suggest we take the left/right one-dimensional representation and curve the ends upward. Drag the people on the ends along with the line. Finally, connect the two ends to form a circle or oval. The result is a two-dimensional representation. If you place a vertical line at the bottom center, you will have a separation of the totalitarian regimes we commonly refer to as communism and facism. Communism and facism, as Walter Williams says, is two sides of the same coin. At the top you have freedom.

You'll notice that people considered on the left, like Feingold, would fall somewhere below Nader on the left side of this oval. The John Birch Society, sometimes called conservative, sometimes reactionary right, falls somewhere between Pat Buchanan and Thomas Jefferson.

Most "leftists" today do not rise above the halfway point because socialism has overtaken not only the U.S. but much of the world. The problem few notice is that corporate welfare and socialism are doing a one-two punch on the freedom of Americans. As a good friend once said about the Presidential candidates, "we are bottom feeding."

Changing attitudes from left/right to top/bottom is the challenge of the near future. A similar representation, as mentioned below, can be found at:


Randy Scheunemann: Office of The Secretary of Defense – Consultant on Iraq Policy, mentioned the blog below called the 1992 speech of Pat Buchanan facist. These Hitler-like attacks on freedom destroy this country. And the left/right thinking is to blame. Hillary Clinton is a bottom-feeder people consider left. Watch her sink into the totalitarian mud as 2008 approaches.

Think up/down and vote this way. Pat should shake hands with Russ. The voters need good examples, not the evil we see on TV every day.













Sunday, May 21, 2006

PNAC to Government - but corruption stays the same

From this: http://www.reasoned.org/e_pnac.htm
religious site we have this information about PNACers (Project for a New American Century).
My comments on these globalists are in blue.

Known PNAC colleagues joining Dick Cheney were:

- Donald Rumsfeld: Secretary of Defense.
- Paul D. Wolfowitz: Deputy Secretary of Defense, and Assistant to the Vice President.
- John R. Bolton: Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security.
Isn't this the guy Bush put on as ambassador to U.N. during a recess so he didn't have to be confirmed by the Senate? Globalist or Imperialist? Same thing?
- I. Lewis Libby: Assistant to the President, and Chief of Staff to the Vice President.
C.I.A. Leaker?
- Zalmay Khalilzad: Senior Director – National Security Council; now Ambassador to Afghanistan, Special Presidential Envoy to Afghanistan, and Special Presidential Envoy to the Free Iraqis. Always on TV speaking on our relation with Afghanistan - We would do better watching "Rambo III.
- Peter W. Rodman: Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs.
- Christopher A. Williams: member of Pentagon’s Deterrence Concepts Advisory Panel, and member of Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board; now Department of Defense – Special Assistant to Donald Rumsfeld.
- Paula Dobriansky: Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs.
- Aaron Friedberg: Vice President’s Deputy National Security Advisor.
- Abram N. Shulsky: Director – Defence Department’s Office Of Special Plans.
- Barry D. Watts: Director of Program Analysis and Evaluation – Office of The Secretary of Defense.
- Stephen A. Cambone: Special Assistant to Donald Rumsfeld; now Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Special Assistant to the Secretary and Director for Program Analysis and Evaluation – Department of Defense.
- William Howard Taft IV: Chief Legal Advisor to the Department of State.
I would have hoped for better from a Taft.
- Mark P. Lagon: Deputy Assistant Secretary of State.
- William Schneider Jr.: Chairman – Defense Science Board for the Department of Defense.
- Richard L. Armitage: Deputy Secretary of State. idiot
- Vin Weber: member – National Commission on Public Service. gets around
- Richard N. Perle: Pentagon Policy Advisor (resigned February 2004), member – Defense Policy Board. Guilty since Iran/Contra
- Randy Scheunemann: Office of The Secretary of Defense – Consultant on Iraq Policy.
- Gary Schmitt: Consultant to the Department of Defense.
- R. James Woolsey: member – Defense Policy Board, member – Deterrence Concepts Advisory Panel, member – National Commission on Energy Policy. Ex- CIA liar. Promoted war before it was fashionable.
- Elliot Abrams: National Security Council – top advisor on the Middle East.- Henry S. Rowen: member – Department of Defense Policy Board. February 12, 2004: Presidential appointment to the Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction. Guilty since Iran/contra - and what about those WMDs? Ask Woolsey.
- Devon Gaffney-Cross: member – Defense Policy Board. Is this guy related to Frank Gaffney?
Frank Gaffney - Neocon Superhawk - against port deal though.
- David Epstein: employee at the Office of Secretary of Defense – Net Assessment.
- Richard V. Allen: member – National Security Advisory Board, member – Defense Policy Board.
- Penn Kemble: Department of State – Head, Eminent Persons Group, Sudan Slavery Commission.
- Jeffrey Bergner: study group member – Commission on National Security 21st Century.
- Francis Fukuyama: President’s Council on Bioethics. Now questions Iraq invasion.
- Nicholas Eberstadt: consultant for the State Department, consultant for the Bureau of the Census.
- Hillel Fradkin: member of the Advisory Committee on International Education – Department of Education.
- Seth Cropsey: Director of the International Broadcasting Bureau.
- Dov S. Zakheim: Under Secretary and Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Defense (resigned April 15, 2004).
- Rudy Boschwitz: Presidential appointee to the Holocaust Memorial Council.
- Robert B. Zoellick: U.S. Trade Representative – member of President’s Cabinet. Payola for a "conservative" reporter.
- Charles Krauthammer: member – President’s Council On Bioethics. Born Urugury raised in Montreal always on Fox News.
- Daniel Goure: consultant – Department of State, consultant – Department of Defense, consultant – Department of Energy.
- Victoria Nuland: (wife of Robert Kagan, co-founder and Project Director of the PNAC) Vice President’s Deputy National Security Advisor.

Also AEI has many PNAC members. These things are corrupt.

A website to find out about libertarians

Check out Advocates for Self-Government at: http://www.self-gov.org/

You'll notice a diamond shaped quiz. It still has left and right corners plus top and bottom corners. You'll notice we've been tricked into trolling the bottom between left and right. We need to move up from Authoritarian toward the Freedom this country was based on.

In 2004 Johnnie Sancedio said, "We have a choice of bottom feeders." Which reminds me, these bottom feeders enslave us, stealing the wealth of the poor and working class. We have to move to smaller government, get rid of the federal reserve, and end corporate welfare. (The federal reserve is a way to tax the poor by making their money worth less. Of course it is okay if you get your share of the goodies.)

Saturday, May 20, 2006

This is the sort of poster "conservatives" believe should be obeyed. Some self-confessed moderates are rightly outraged.

You can tell this is a serious poster because it lines up the V with Victory and then they hurry along to see how their Halliburton stock is doing.

Check out the quote from T.R.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Better Red than Dead

With Widowmaker Bush supporters willing to give up not only their rights but others' rights, it is time to tell a little history. In reponse to the divine rights of kings, Algernon Sidney wrote his Discourses Concerning Government and flipped the world of Natural Slaves into natural freedoms or rights. David Dieteman explains how this was put into our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights and it is the philosophy which defines the United States.

When someone says. "They can tap my phone, I have nothing to hide," they are correct in that their ignorance is showing for all to see. An inalienable right is one which can not be given or sold. That ignorant statement above is like someone saying, "Today I will place the sun in my pocket and you will live in darkness." It cannot be accomplished.

But you answer, the government does tap my phone.

No the government cannot tap your phone.

Your phone may be tapped by criminals who also get paid by the government, but by definition, criminals do illegal things.

All these people who support a better "Red than Dead" philosophy are not American. They are traitors.

Widowmaker must be impeached.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

"The Poor and the Working Class"

Just thought I'd post the words at the top of the LP Chairman Blog. If the Indiana LP was at one time elitist, it has now been taken over by Jeffersonians. It IS the opposition party. (See post on Corporate Whores)

State Chairman's Report
A Proud Libertarian State Chairman's Postings on the Exciting Progress and Success of the Libertarian Party of Indiana, Defenders of Small Business, the Poor and the Working Class

Chairman Blog

Will the real nut case please behave?

Although I've heard the Iranian President's letter to President Bush is 18 pages, here is an 8 page translation: TRANSLATION OF LETTER TO BUSH

It doesn't say it, but those familiar with religions would have to conclude that Bush's actions mirror that of one who worships the devil. The letter merely asks if the action of the US is that of a Christian (or monotheistic) nation.

Bush's actions are wrong on many levels (and he should be impeached guilty* on three) so the real question is: Why are Americans so quiet?

*1) FISA violations of the Bill of Rights
2) Patriot Act violations of the Bill of Rights
3) Torture violations of Geneva Convention

All of these are violations of Article 6 of the US Constitution. (Also rejection of ABM Treaty and preemptive war crimes are impeachable and Senators can find guilt on these Article 6 violations.)

USA Today Outs Our Douchebag!

Today the "USA Today" had an article "NSA has massive database of Americans' phone calls" which describes some of what douchebag Hayden has done to our Constitution.

Is anyone proud to be a Republican?

I guess Lee will have to be proud of something other than being American if Americans stand for this shit.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

General Hayden is a Douchebag

I actually saw the exchange below on illegal searches. Why these people are selling out the country is a mystery.

(Stolen from "Hammerof truth")

More on General Hayden
May 08 2006 at 10:22 pm · tags: politics
Stephen Gordon — George Bush sure knows how to pick them. Not only does Gen. Michael Hayden not understand the Constitution he’s sworn to uphold, but it now looks like he may have financial ties to Duke Cunningham & Company. From Muckraker:
Hayden, President Bush’s pick to replace Porter Goss as head of the CIA, contracted with MZM Inc. for the services of Lt. Gen. James C. King, then a senior vice president of the company, the sources say. MZM was owned and operated by Mitchell Wade, who has admitted to bribing former Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham with $1.4 million in money and gifts. Wade has also reportedly told investigators he helped arrange for prostitutes to entertain the disgraced lawmaker, and he continues to cooperate with a federal inquiry into the matter.
King has not been implicated in the growing scandal around Wade’s illegal activities. However, federal records show he contributed to some of Wade’s favored lawmakers, including $6000 to Rep. Virgil Goode (R-VA) and $4000 to Rep. Katherine Harris (R-FL).
I don’t think we’ve heard the end of controversy about this new nominee for the CIA’s top spot.
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Hayden: Same S***, Different Appointee
May 08 2006 at 1:23 pm · tags: civil liberties, george bush, cia, 4th amendment, michael hayden, appointments, nominations
Stephen Gordon — George Bush has continued to show his disdain for the Constitution with the nomination of Gen. Michael Hayden to run the CIA. According to the White House Press Department Fox News, Bush commended Hayden with, “Mike Hayden is supremely qualified for this position.” It seems the entire GOP is issuing similar comments. Let’s take a look at the real qualifications of someone who has repeatedly sworn to uphold the Constitution.
In January, we reported about Hayden’s lack of understanding of the 4th Amendment. With Hayden being the lead story in the news today, perhaps it’s time for a refresher course. Here’s a transcript of the interview Keith Olberman covered:
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My understanding is that the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution specifies that you must have probable cause to be able to do a search that does not violate an American’s right against unlawful searches and seizures. Do you use…
GEN. MICHAEL HAYDEN: Well, actually, the Fourth Amendment actually protects all of us against unreasonable search and seizure. That’s what it says.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But the measure is probable cause, I believe.
HAYDEN: The amendment says unreasonable search and seizure.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But does it not say probable…
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: … the court standard…
HAYDEN: The amendment says…
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: … the legal standard…
HAYDEN: … unreasonable search and seizure.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: … the legal standard is probable cause.
HAYDEN: Just to be very clear, and believe me, if there’s any amendment to the Constitution that employees of the National Security Agency are familiar with, it’s the Fourth. And it is a reasonableness standard in the Fourth Amendment.
OLBERMANN: To quote the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States in its entirety, the one the general and the NSA folks are so familiar with and know is about reasonableness and not about probable cause, quote, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”
Well, maybe they have a different Constitution over there at the NSA.
Here’s the video. Thanks to Jon Airheart for the reminder.
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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Corporate Whores and Libertarians for 2006

In addition to the Corporate Whores (aka Democrats and Republicans) the Libertarians are fielding candidates. Contact me if you are interested in running for office or wish to help on a Libertarian campaign. edgluck2@yahoo.com Remember ballot status is at stake in the Sec. of State race.

This is from the LP state chair's blogsite. You can also add:
Indiana Senate District 41: Kenn Gividen, Columbus

Here's a List of Candidates Selected at the Annual Convention of the Libertarian Party of Indiana
Here are the candidates selected at yesterday's annual convention of the Libertarian Party of Indiana:Secretary of State: Mike Kole, Fishers
Indiana House District 20: Greg Kelver, LaPorte
Indiana House District 25: Jo Coleman, Indianapolis
Indiana House District 34: Carrie Dillard-Trammell, Muncie
Indiana House District 49: Greg Sell, Elkhart
Indiana House District 54: Rex Bell, Hagerstown
Indiana House District 56: Jon Bell
Indiana House District 64: Jeff Thomas, Vincennes
Indiana House District 80: Robert Enders, Ft. Wayne
US Senate: Steve Osborn, LaPorte
US House District 5: Sheri Conover Sharlow, Marion
US House District 9: Dr. Eric Schansberg, New Albany

The state party nominates candidates for all statewide offices, all federal offices, Indiana House, Indiana Senate, all judges and all prosecuting attorneys. All other offices are nominated at the county level.Vacancies may be filled by the various county parties and the state party until the end of June.

CIA - Cover Intel's Ass

This was from a group. The first article at www.globalresearch.ca is very interesting. With bin Laden asking for the replacement of the Pakistani Prez it just keeps getting better and better.

From out of the past,,,,,,,White House Nominee to Head the CIA http://globalresearch.ca/articles/CHO407A.html From out of the present,,,,,,,CIA boss Goss is cooked Tied to contractor's poker parties -http://www.nydailynews.com/front/story/415304p-350961c.html