Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Here is an excellent book telling much about Presidential abuse and the Congress that let it happen. It is full of facts and information about the Constitution. It has sources that readers of this blog may not be aware of.

Here is the letter (Review) I sent the local Terre Haute paper:

Ed Gluck



Dear Max,

David Swanson, author of Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union, due out September 15, is a man in search of truth. Already a big seller, many think he found some.

An unabashed progressive, Swanson nevertheless mentions that rendition began under Clinton . Bush made it “extraordinary” by adding “for the purpose of torture.” Obama continues rendition, although not “extraordinary rendition.” Swanson explains that repeated abuse by different presidents leads to the acceptance of bad government. Abusive signing statements, obstruction of justice, illegal wars, and corporate welfare continue the list of presidential abuses.

Swanson criticizes House leader Pelosi for taking impeachment “off the table” and “holding back” until 2012 when census redistricting becomes law. She is putting party above country.

Swanson’s solutions are to change laws and change the Constitution through a convention. Perhaps more practical is a call for activism. He includes instructions on how to become an activist.

The New York Times did not report about government spying until James Risen was about to release his book State of War. Daybreak uncovers many facts and polls not seen in corporate media. Don’t expect the New York Times to inform you. Follow Swanson’s notes to find other sources.

Truth, however ugly, is needed at the base of everyone’s opinions. Accept or reject Swanson’s spin, but ignore truth at your and your country’s peril.

In Liberty ,

Ed Gluck

Terre Haute , IN