Tuesday, April 24, 2007

General Wayne Downing is a Traitor

This could be one conclusion you reach when you read Evelyn Pringle's latest submission to Countercurrents', How Iraq Was Looted . Once again we see the relatives of the elites profiting from the devastation of an illegal invasion.

Troops get in trouble for stealing and torture. Others get away with theft because the CPA (Coalition Provisional Authority) is not covered by U.S. law, so says an appealate judge.

Why Americans put up with a class of Gods that can do no wrong and the rest of us guilty upon charge, is something that may make our founders wake up to get sick.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Classified Ad: Wanted: Traitors - No Exp. Required

This is a must read. The Inexplicable Enrichment Of Bush Cronies by Evelyn Pringle, from the liberal Countercurrents News Letter.

Evelyn has done some fine writing in the past, but here she mentions some traitors for whom justice would demand a hanging. She goes easy on John Edwards but in slamming Republican profiteers, she includes a Clinton Defense Secretary, Cohen. I believe this arrogant traitor is married to a wealthy black woman. THIS DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT!

Here is a snipet on him:

"Former Republican Congressman and Secretary of Defense under President Clinton, William Cohen, sits at the helm of the Cohen Group, and according to a report by David Hilzenrath in the Washington Post on May 28, 2006, when he left office in January 2001, Cohen was saddled with debt and his final financial disclosure form, "listed tens of thousands of dollars of charge-account debts at interest rates as high as about 25 percent."

However, within a matter of weeks Cohen and his wife were residing in a $3.5 million mansion. It seems Cohen had wanted this house but was still in office and had no way to finance the purchase, so Frank Zarb, then chairman of the Nasdaq Stock Market, sold the house to Michael Ansari, chairman and CEO of defense contractor MIC Industries, in October 2000, and the Cohen took up residence in January or February of 2001, according to the Post.

From there, Cohen went on to join the board and audit committee of the Nasdaq Stock Market, and 11 days after he left office, MIC announced Cohen's appointment as chairman of its board of advisers in a press release.

In no time at all the Cohen Group was raking in mega-bucks. In applying for one contract, that earned the Group $490,000 over seven months, the firm bragged that it had helped Lockheed win a $3.6 billion contract for the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Poland, financed by the US government.

The Group's proposal said its efforts for the Lockheed deal included "advocacy with key decision-makers in the White House, Office of the Vice President, National Security Council, Department of Defense and the State Department during an 18-month campaign," according to the Post."

Here we see more of the Emporer's New Clothes, where the U.S. military is clad in nothing at great expense to the U.S. taxpayer and workers:

"On thing is certain, Lockheed was not lacking for administration insiders when Allbaugh came knocking. For instance, before Cheney took over as VP, his wife, Lynne served on the board of Lockheed, receiving deferred compensation to the tune of half a million dollars in stock and fees, according to a January 16, 2007 report by Richard Cummings.
Cummings notes that Cheney's "2004 financial disclosure statement lists Lockheed stock options and $50,000 in Lockheed stock."

In addition, Cheney's son-in-law, Philip Perry, Cummings says, was appointed to serve as general counsel to the Department of Homeland Security, and he had been a registered lobbyist for Lockheed who had worked for a law firm representing Lockheed with the Department of Homeland Security.

According to Cummings, less than a month after 9/11, in October of 2001, the Pentagon announced a $20 billion contract for Lockheed for the development of the Joint Strike Fighter, called the F-35. At the time, Edward Aldridge was Undersecretary of Defense for acquisitions, technology and logistics, which was responsible for the approval of the contract. Aldridge left his government post in 2003, and he now just happens to serve on Lockheed's board of directors.

However, the most stunning revelation in the Cummings report, is that in November 2002, Stephen Hadley, deputy national security advisor at the time, called Lockheed employee, Bruce Jackson, to a meeting at the White House and told him that the US was definitely going to war in Iraq but there was one small hitch, the administration could not decide what reason to use to justify it.

So Jackson formed the "Committee for the Liberation of Iraq," and its mission statement said it was "formed to promote regional peace, political freedom and international security by replacing the Saddam Hussein regime with a democratic government that respects the rights of the Iraqi people and ceases to threaten the community of nations."

According to Cummings, the "pressure group began pushing for regime change - that is, military action to remove Hussein - in the usual Washington ways, lobbying members of congress, working with the media and throwing money around.""

You may be familiar with these players from previous posts. They also make an invisible set of clothing for the banking corporations, paid for, once again, by the "cool" American taxpayer. The Right cries "we need these F-35s and Blackhawk helicopers for our troops!" and the Left deals with the devil for "education and food for the children" while freedom and individual liberty vanish from the North American continent.

You can find your libery with your money - in the pockets of your elected and chosen Masters.