Friday, February 23, 2007

JebWorld: Coming to a State Near You

This is from the book The Good Citizen's Alphabet by Bertrand Russell, with illustrations by Franciszka Themerson. (Written in 1970) L is for LIBERTY in this picture.

I took it through a link provided by Chris Floyd in his very good article Bearing False Witness: A New Tool for Authoritarians.
In this article Floyd explains that Florida has a bill, where if it is passed, police will be able to tamper with evidence (by rewriting history) and he calls it JebWorld. Jeb may not be Governor, but this is not a good sign.
Now before you think JebWorld is Rational and Liberty means the right to obey the police, please realize the definitions are meant as a joke.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ron's 35 Questions

In 2002 Ron Paul asked 35 questions that should be answered before the U.S. went into Iraq. Anyone thinking about invading Iran should read these.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Dick Cheney Board Member

After my blog showed up on a search for Cheney and their board memberships, I searched for other sources. Here is one:,24,00,7,29,00.htm#CHENEY%20AND%20THE%20MORGAN%20STANLEY%20GROUP

He was on Stanley Morgan in 1995.

From site:

MORGAN STANLEY GROUP INC /DE/DEF 14A filed on 4/26/95Dick CheneyMr. Cheney, age 54, has been a senior fellow of the American Enterprise Institute, a public policy research organization, since January 1993. He served as Secretary of Defense of the United States from March 1989 to January 1993 and as a member of the United States House of Representatives from January 1979 to March 1989. Mr. Cheney is also a director of IGI, Inc., The Proctor & Gamble Company, Union Pacific Corporation, and U.S. West, Inc. Mr. Cheney has been a director of the Company since June 1993.The other nominees for election as directors and a brief biography of each nominee are listedbelow. There are no family relationships among any directors, executive officers or nominees.

Not in there is that he quit the Board of Perot's EDS in 2000 to run for VP.

This information will help in drawing conclusions and making hypothesises.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Rule Of Law

I have been mentioning "The Rule of Law." Others talk about the rule of law in Iraq but mean a police state.

What should it mean?

It means government limited by constitution. It means a separation of powers in the State. And it means everyone is treated the same according to a law that is written. This law should protect us from force and fraud.

Ron Paul says in his latest writing, Political Power and the Rule of Law:

Our constitutional system, by contrast, was designed to restrain political power and place limits on the size and scope of government. It is this system, the rule of law, which we should celebrate – not political victories.

Thank you Ron for running for President.

Monday, February 05, 2007

What is Unspoken in "Unspeak"

A little book I figured to rifle through looking for secrets of the enemy turned out to be a great libertarian read. Yes, Unspeak by the Englishman living in Paris, Steven Poole, says what cannot be said by an American or he would have to have his blog registered for sure.
One delightful bit of information is how the U.S. denies using napalm even though we see the melted skin of Iraqis. Napalm is banned internationally. But the U.S. substituted kerosene for petrol, calls this 'Mark 77 firebombs' (quotes are in Steven's English style) and the U.S. is not criminal. Troops still call it napalm.
You may have noticed how libertarian writers use the words mercantilism, "internal improvements" and "American System" followed by corporate welfare. Mr. Poole writes about the word corporate: (I put it in red.)
Most radical of all the attempts by business to insinuate itself into pre-existing civil vocabularies was the borrowing of the term 'corporation'. It originally meant a political grouping of people united along local-government, religious, or other lines. Its first use in a commercial sense came in the US, noted by Charles Dickens in 1842. The word literally means embodiment. By the process of 'incorporation', the company becomes flesh, and is understood in law to be a person. Conversely, the rhetorical attitude of corporations to their workers took a dehumanising turn: remember how the phrase 'human resources' implies that people are undifferentiable assets that can be used up and replaced. Thus, by means of Unspeak, businesses became people, and people became fungible matter.
I won't go into 14th Amendment arguments here.
In the interesting arguments that Paine produced with his Rights of Man came the libertarian definition of crime that the late Johnnie Sancedio loved so much, and Poole explains it contrasting it with what is to be taken in Iraq for freedom:
... This contrasts with the classical liberal view of freedom as one thing, hedged around by law but homogeneous, in terms both of the set of 'rights' it affords individuals, and the relationship of each individual to everyone else, so that unjustly to curtail one person's freedom is an insult to all. The growth of civil rights - or, if you prefer, the march of freedom - thus consists not in adding extra discrete freedoms to those we already have, but in approaching ever more closely to the ideal of this one big freedom, defined by Thomas Paine simply as 'the power of doing whatever does not injure another.'
Now I purposely reference a FOX News guy, Judge Andrew Napolitano below, to explain how Natural Law's "Rule of Law" is slipping away in the U.S. to a positivist horror.
This is because, from a book which has too much TRUTH - YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! - I would like to quote a silly phrase from a FOX guy.
...which, as you will remember, hosts Bill O'Reilly's denunciations of civil libertarians as 'terrorists', refuses to call US Marines snipers because it sounds too violent,...
I here want to focus on old Bill calling civil libertarians terrorists. What if a civil libertarian said, "kill Bill"? Then he would not be a civil libertarian. By definition a civil libertarian cannot be a terrorist and a terrorist cannot be a civil libertarian. Now if terrorist meant freedom fighter....
One last shot by me. Madison by Garry Wills is a terrible book. But it does show how Neocons are using circular arguments. He uses encroachments on freedom by Wilson and FDR, popular yet oh so evil, to make the excesses of the Alien and Sedition Acts look okay. Now we see Cheney and Rumsfeld speaking of the beloved Lincoln, evil incarnate (how about evil incorporated), saying if old Abe could be a tyrant, why not our beloved W.
If you can handle more humor, this guy mocks Madison for calling for Hamilton's impeachment. He does this without mentioning the cause. (The cause was Hamilton stealing money appropriated for one thing and spending it on another.) Only read this book if you are very well read on Madison.
Turn to Unspeak. It should be hated by Ds and Rs. (It got a so-so to poor review by Labour.)

Friday, February 02, 2007

Karen Kwiatkowski Gets It

Yes, Karen in her article today has a link to the Mises video and notes how the Federal Reserve is stealing money from the owners of the country.
No shit on this: Karen mentions the $2 trillion going into Iraq. When I mentioned this to my pal Scott before the "war" he said, "That's a lot of money."
That is a lot of money. If you did not catch that we will be staying in Iraq until Stanley-Morgan says we can go - they control the eight largest banks in Iraq - (See the letter below) - you can read a great article in Playboy here. It tells that Cheney was not only on the board of Halliburton, but he was on the board of Stanley-Morgan. Wife Lynn was on the board of Lockheed and daughter Liz (the straight one) and her hubby are lobbyists for Lockheed. A great story. (Although Scott may believe none of it.)
Something else you may not believe is a story coming out about the Najaf Battle. Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani has been portrayed by the western (American) press as a great man. He is a nutty Shiite. According to this story, the battle was to kill a "growing Shia-Sunni unity in the area."
From the article:
Many southern Shia Arabs do not follow Iranian-born cleric Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. They believe the religious leadership should be kept in the hands of Arab clerics. Al-Hatami and al-Khazaali are two major tribes that do not follow Sistani.
Tribal members from both believe the attack was launched by the central government of Baghdad to stifle growing Shia-Sunni unity in the area.
This story is believable because the muppet (yes the U.S. government has its hand up their ass) government of Iraq wants the destruction of anything civil in the country. I believe this will eventually include the Kurds, who the U.S. not only protects but is counting on.
Well, believe this story or not, how long before the government of exiles breaks up? (Eleven of the twelve "leaders" were not in Iraq before the war - and the U.S. government neocons love Chalabi an embezzler and Iyad Alawi a child killing terrorist.) I figure about six months. Expect something after the fourth of July. Yet we are already recycling the evil ones because we don't have willing leaders like we did in Nam where we killed about seven leaders. Let's give the Neocons credit on this one, Iraq and Vietnam are different!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Another Video

The Monopoly Men is a video that adds more information to what most of us already know. My good friend Scott seemed to think I was kidding or was misled about the federal reserve.

Yes, even when we have a midnight Congress voting on things they dare not in the light of day. Keeping open the vote - until arms are twisted to help sell out our country. Yes, even a very intelligent person like Scott is buying the crap of our so-called leaders. (And he is paying a great price.)

This video suggests that War Of The Worlds was a test of mind control. With a government testing air flow for viruses in our subways and killing the problems, this is very plausible.

Scott is not really naive. That's his soul riding that ostrich - too busy to see the protest of the staged "depression" of the 1930s.

Is this all true? I do not know about the specifics of this particular video. But the main facts are true and the mention of C.A. warms my heart.

If you haven't seen Aaron Russo's movie Freedom to Fascism, I ask you to watch. (It is less than 2 hours.)

Spread this information around. This is the education Jefferson said was needed for a democracy (or republic) to exist.

And Scott, time to wake up and find out what is really going on.