Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Good site for letter info

This letter was sent to Terre Haute's Tribune-Star. No indication they might print it.

Http:// contains donation information. One Congressman has donations from, Eli Lilly & Co. (H.W. Bush was on that board), and Lockheed Martin (yes the first bailout company that had Lynne Cheney on the board and her daughter and son-in-law were lobbyists for Lockheed Martin). Also on the list of donators is Wal-Mart Stores, Hillary Clinton was on the board of what many call China-mart. Now tell me the President that had to return money to Red China.

One Congressman with the above donors is Brad Ellsworth. Go to that sight and see who the Congressman really represents.

Look at these impressive donors: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase & Co., American International Group (AIG), and Bank of America. All big winners in the latest money grab. All of these donors can be found on Evan Bayh’s list. With your help, we can say the banks will be laughing all the way to Evan Bayh.

This interesting web site was brought to my attention by John Cunningham, candidate for Congress, Indiana eighth. Thank you John.

The Libertarian Christ

Note: This was printed in the Terre Haute Tribune-Star a few days before Christmas.

It’s time to celebrate the birth of Christ. We should acknowledge Jesus as the second well known libertarian. (The first, also crucified, was Spartacus.)

This year we should focus on the story of the money changers. Jesus used violence against these rats because manipulating the currency hurts the poor the most. Ben Franklin suggested the Revolutionary War was fought to free the colonies from the Bank of England. Madison then called central bankers money changers. Jackson started the Democratic Party to oppose re-charter of the so-called Second National Bank of the United States . After the Federal Reserve triggered the Great Depression, the term banksters was often used in place of money changers.

Now we see the largest transfer of wealth in history. We know who, but the how is often portrayed as inscrutable. Similarly, we have our TARPies, so-called representatives who voted for the bail out. Ellsworth, Lugar, and Bayh represent today’s banksters, not the people. Government (Roman or U.S. ) in league with money changers means rough economic times ahead.

The Libertarian Party National Platform (section 2.5) returns to the solution of Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, and Jackson. It would be nice to see a similar plank in “Corporate Party D” and/or “Corporate Party R”. (Notice I have cleverly disguised party names to protect the guilty.)

If you are energized by the words of Bon Jovi’s “We Weren’t Born to Follow” or even Glenn Beck; visit to find an affiliate and level of action.